Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DJ Baronhawk Poitier - Baaad Assssss!

Every time I post a mix publicly I want my audience to be surprised as to what they will hear. I never upload mixes back to back that are the same genre. The titles never hint at the genre of the mix. The name might be something I think has a little ring to it or its just an inside joke I've come up with during the process for my own amusement. I usually don't share any information about my mixes at all! However.. you're in luck. You get some background behind this mix (yay).

This mix serves three purposes. First of all its a promo mix for my monthly funkebration (yes, funk and celebration had a baby) called Bad Ass! Secondly, I wanted to mix music that I don't hear being spun very often in a way that I don't ever hear it spun. Most of the tracks are sped up to increase their intensity and power. Lastly, I wanted to tribute something to Rashaad and Ryan with a Strutting mix.

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