Thursday, January 19, 2012

'1 mo round' aka Giovanni Galleno of CAB CRU

When it comes to writing a blog I must admit it feels like the very first cypher experience. Itching to run in, cautious to not stumble and ruin your entire decade. a glimpse of your favorite dancer doing your favorite run from your favorite say to yourself...."I wanna do that!" Then you imagine the most sloppy looking run from the most annoying dancer from the battle you always fast forward on the tape....and you say "I hope I don't ever do that".

With that being said I would like to share my most favorite experience in an open cypher. As this is my first blog for Urban Artistry and I hope it will be memorable to others and not just me. Back in May of 2000 I attended 99.1 HFStival. This was a concert held at RFK Stadium. Throughout the entire day I was just groovin on my own and head banging and moshing and having a ball. There was a surprise guest this year...Run DMC. They came on after 311 and had a great set....I was on the side where it was clear and began to try to TopRock and do footworks... haha I was off beat like a mug. Anyway, after that Jimmy's Chicken Shack came on and it was game time! After the first track I managed to break into the mosh pit and decided to establish myself.... napoleon complex lol. I managed to stay on my feet and when the dust cleared and the hook of the song played...I decided to let these dudes know what else I could do. I started to do some tops and hit like 10 swipes and a quick backspin to a basic chair freeze... After that another bboy from Baltimore started to dance... we battled... can't remember who won, but it was hyped up by the innocent bystanders. The other bboy was bboy Avy, at the time he was a founder of Phusun Force Crew, now in Deadly Venoms Crew.

That moment was more memorable than any other in dance I have ever had, maybe ever will

Do you have a similar story?

Do you have similar interests in music?

Did you meet a dancer somewhere you never thought you would?

My name is Giovanni "1MoRound" Galleno of the Counter Attack Breakers Crew (CAB Crew) DC Chapter established 1997 and Artistic Director in Urban Artistry established 2005. I challenge you to share your thoughts on unexpected events and happenings in your chosen art form.

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