Thursday, January 28, 2010

Roosee from the SLEEPWALKINGZ Crew visits Urban Artistry in Washington DC

Urban Artistry was pleased to welcome Bulgarian Bboy, Dancer and DJ; Roosee (Rusi) Yusifov of the famous SLEEPWALKINGZ CREW, to the United States for the past three months. The folks at Urban Artistry met Roosee and some other members of his crew at one of the local events held by UA called THE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, during their visit to the States in 2008.

The jam made history that night as members of the Sleepwalkingz Crew decided to call out the judges for battle. This particular night the judges chosen happened to be some of DC's BBOY Legends including, Brent "VORTEX" Talley of Natural Elements Crew; Sonny "GHOST" Tran of Lionz of Zion and Joe "FATRAWK" Nguyen of Arrive to Defy. This battle would be one of the first and only times Sonny and Brent had battled together since they were both in Natural Elements over 10 years ago! For those of us who have been around the scene for awhile or have simply been fans of the bboy scene in DC, this night will be remembered for a long time!

(Judges Call Out Battle Part 1)

(Judges Call Out Battle Part 2)

In September 2009 the Sleepwalkingz got together with the United States Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria to bring Urban Artistry to their Annual Hip Hop Festival JAM ON IT.

During the festival Urban Artistry members:

Junious, Rashaad, Russell and Rizqi all gave workshops in various urban dance styles.

Russell and Gabe judged the bboy footwork battles.

Rashaad won the 1 vs. 1 popping battle.

The group performed of their popular piece "ONE DREAM."

Attending this event allowed the two groups to continue growing the urban artist exchange program they have been developing between Bulgaria and the United States over the past few years. Bringing Roosee here to the States was part of a series of exchanges we hope to get funding for in the future.

Next, Urban Artistry Founder/ Executive Director Junious "House" Brickhouse will visit Sofia again in February 2010 to give a series of workshops on urban dance and culture in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Bulgaria and their efforts to educate the Bulgarian community on the importance of Black History Month in American Culture.

The two crews hope to find funding to bring the Sleepwalkingz Crew out for Urban Artistry and Rogue Squirrel's Annual Urban Dance Festival which takes place throughout the DC Metro Area the weekend of April 15th-18th in 2010.

In October 2009, Roosee obtained a work VISA to visit the States and work with Urban Artistry as a fellow, dancer, performer and musician (DJ). During his stay he participated in several shows and performances with the members of UA. He also served as a International Guest Judge alongside, DC's own Ironman (CAB CRU) and PAULSKEE (Rock Force Crew, MIGHTY 4, OUT FOR FAME) from the San Francisco Bay Area at THE ILLEST INGREDIENT, a local 2 vs. 2, Odd Couple bboy/bgirl battle held in Dupont Circle on December 12, 2009.



During his visit to DC, Roosee also collaborated with:

DJ Obeyah,
DJ Mate Masie,
DJ Baronhawk Poitier

on several music projects, including an International Guest DJ spot presented by YEAH CLASS at GAZUZA, a well-known Hooka Bar and Lounge in Dupont Circle. He also helped as a DJ at the Artist in Residency Preview Celebration for Urban Artistry's Open House at their new home in Columbia Heights, The Dance Institute of Washington.

Throughout the month of Janaury 2010, Roosee taught often during the Urban Artistry Open Practice Session which takes place every Sunday at The Dance Institute of Washington. This free open practice is funded in part by a Hip Hop Initiative grant from the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities.,a,3,q,638459,dcartsNav,%7C31624%7C.asp

In December 2009 he taught a beginners workshop in the Urban Artistry Education Program presented by Emily "Incognito" Wessel and Russell "Ironman" Campbell at their past home in Tenleytown, The DC Dance Collective.

Roosee also placed in the TOP 8 at the 3 vs. 3 battle at the Breakers Delight Jam, "WHO'S HUNGRY 2010" along side Russell "Ironman" Campbell and Emily "Incognito" Wessel, which took place at The hearts in Motion Dance Studios in Springfield, Virginia. (PRELIMS) (TOP 8) (HD Version TOP 8)

For his last weekend here in DC, Roosee will enter Schoolin' Sessions II, a local 3 vs. 3 battle with friends Russell "Ironman" Campbell and Carlendra "Shyrock" Frank both members of the Maryland Chapter of CAB CRU before heading up to NYC on his way back to Sofia, Bulgaria, 2/10/2010.

From all of us at Urban Artistry, we want to take a moment to thank Roosee for visiting us to share his gift of art, dance, music and culture. We will see you in the cypher again very soon my friend...

- The Urban Artistry Family-

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