Thursday, December 31, 2009

Correctional Facility Best Of DVD Promo Video 2010

Since 2006 Urban Artistry in collaboration with CAB CRU and The Assassins Crew International have come together to bring you 5 amazing urban dance and culture events called the Correctional Facility. Visit for more details on the event and uploaded footage that has already been released.

The full length DVD is complete with cypher footage, hip hop battles, bboy/bgirl battles, seven to smoke, locking performances, waacking performances, house dance performances and popping battles. There are call out battles with DC icons Vortex (Natural Elements Crew), Ghost (Lions of Zion Crew) and Fatrawk (Arrive To Defy) from Bulgaria's famous Sleepwalkingz, solos from Frantick, Future, Rashaad, Popula, among others and hot box footage with Maryland's own Ironman. This DVD box set promises to give you everything you would expect from a Best Of DVD Series.

See the promo available now and stay tuned for the full length DVD which will be available in late 2010. A special thanks goes out to the probono filmmakers who captured this footage for us, especially Geoff Bund, Nick Huynh, Daniel Lagdameo and their assistants, the DJ's, Baronhawk Poitier, Mate Masie, Halfstep and Obyeah, the local, national and international competitors, MC's Halfstep, Ironman and Guerilla Will and the many guests who made this event possible.

We are grateful to all the supporters who believe in the Correctional Facility Mission that when talk is ineffective, we can correct through movement. Stay tuned for more events to come in 2010.

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