Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Urban Artistry Show on @WLVSradio

The Urban Artistry Show
 Airs Friday's 11am EST

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"Sometimes you have to just take some time to talk about dance." - Junious Brickhouse

While dance itself is a language, and a way of communicating, we can gain different understandings of the movements when we talk about where and when they came from.

Urban Artistry has begun having more conversations about dance on our new live radio show, The Urban Artistry Show.  The show airs on WLVSthe largest streaming-online broadcasting brand in the DC metropolitan area. WLVS is unique, commercial-free “radio you can watch” at the progressive edge of broadcasting’s wild new future.  

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The Urban Artistry Show presents a global perspective on dance culture from various music and movement communities. Every Friday from 11am-12pm, viewers from around the world are exposed to dance culture by youth and adults from urban, classical, world, folk and traditional genres of dance.  It is a chance to interact with DJs, musicians, visual artists, historians, dancers, and educators who continue to shape the culture that is, dance. 

The Urban Artistry Show is more than talk radio. It's movement on the airwaves, through generations, and to your soul. In the past month that the show has aired, we have had guests like Bus Howard, well known actor and motivational speaker. In episodes hosted by Junious Brickhouse, Urban Artistry's Executive Director, as well as other Artistic Directors, we have talked about the parallels between the pulse in Lindy and the jack in House dance. We have had international featured artists from Senegal and Sweden as well as local youth who cypher in the studio.

And in his weekly segment, "Can You Dig It," DJ Baronhawk Portier makes poignant connections between LPs and cds- giving the history behind remixes and samples... All while keeping it funky.

The best part is that you don't have to be in DC to experience the magic. You can tune in from anywhere! The Urban Artistry Show gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling. It's the family reunion with cameras always on.


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If you would like to support or be featured on The Urban Artistry Show, please contact Emily Wessel, Director of Operations:

We are currently looking for new folks to serve as the featured artist (adult- any dance style) and youth spotlight (any dance style) reach out if you want to be on the show!

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