Monday, July 30, 2012

Be Careful What You Ask For... by Giovanni Galleno

Many people go through their everyday life. How many actually enjoy their time? When I say enjoy, I mean they are satisfied with their actions before they fall asleep. This feeling comes from being able to do what it is you fight for everyday. Some ask for more time with children. Some ask for more hours at the gym. Or even some more opportunities to show what they are capable of to others. What would you do if you actually got that which you have been fighting so long for??? All of us in Urban Artistry have been fighting for something all these years. What have you been fighting for these past years??? Guess what….if you haven’t already noticed….we are getting exactly what we have been fighting for. Some of us are teaching full time, some of us are performing more often, and all of us are learning the arts and the business of arts at an exponential rate.

This brings me to my experience so far in this blessing we have been privileged to upkeep for so long. In a previous blog I spoke of my first real cypher experience. That was something I had been asking for and received in a big way. I chose to accept the gift and then show and tell to everyone (like back in Kindergarten). Now for the past 6 years, I have been asking and working for more opportunities in the arts, education, and my family life. What am I doing with all these things do you ask? I am ecstatic. I am grateful. I am nervous and scared to fail. My family and friends keep giving me strength to succeed. This tells me I have to honor them and myself by maintaining focus on these goals. Taking care of business has become my full time job. Things like more family time with my daughter, more hours at work, taking on more responsibilities with students, and enrolling in community college. This will all take up all of my valuable time. Yet I realized that all these aspects of my life are more than necessary not  just for survival, but sanity. This means showing up for everyone on an all the time basis. This blog won’t really have a cool ending because it’s supposed to be like the cypher… keep it goin yall!

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