Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simon Maxwell Eason and his new-found Family

Throughout my whole life I have done so many things. I have played almost every sport, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Tennis, I used to Film all the time, write poetry all the time, play video games very heavily, want to be a Chef, and many other things that I used to always do, or want to do. All of these things have ended the same way; I either quit, or just stopped doing them. But I feel like finally I have found two passions that I don’t think I’ll let go of until the day I pass, Dancing and Djing.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt so much drive in the two activities, though like everyone we have our moments of laziness and disinterest. I try all the time to think of the reason why I love these things so very much, and just haven’t really been able to come up with an answer. It could be because within these two art forms, I have found something more than just “something to do” I have found a whole entire culture I never knew existed while I was sitting on my butt in Frederick. I also have found a love for music, a loving friend and mentor, and best of all a group of friends and family I can honestly say I love, and I don’t say I love very many things. CAB Crew and Urban Artistry have helped me not just within dance but also within life, because so many people within these groups have so much wisdom at their disposal. I feel so grateful that these people share this information with me because like I said, it has helped me so much in life.

While being a part of UA and CAB I have met dancers nationally and internationally and I have only been coming around for a year. I have traveled to many different states, California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, and we always go together just like a family does, and it provides me with such a sense of belonging and happiness. I had the good fortune of being a part of last year’s Soul Society and saw so many things that just made me smile and enjoy myself so much. I can see why so many wonderful members have gravitated towards this group and stayed around for as long as they have.
I ask one thing of everyone, to never let me quit! Because if I did, there wouldn’t be a day that goes by that I wouldn’t think about Dancing or Djing. I feel that with all these supportive and loving people around me I will never even think of quitting, because I don’t have much else that I have a passion for. I look forward to many more accomplishments and opportunities I have to come with my Crew and Company. Thanks to everyone for EVERYTHING! And I mean that with every ounce of my being. Michael McClain I’m very grateful that your introduced me to UA because you put these wheels in motion.

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