Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Beautiful Flower of Love for Rashaad

It was a Sunday evening in February of 2008 when what would become one of my greatest inspirations was placed in my arms. Born at eight pounds and seven ounces, my newborn baby girl defined the true meaning of love at first sight. Talk about a rush of emotions! Just when I thought I had this basic understanding of living as a young man, a new type of responsibility instantly kicked in; I became a father, having to respond quickly to this angel’s every need.

I don’t think anyone could ever be thoroughly prepared for parenthood, but from then on, it was as if I knew what to do, even though I really had no clue. I vividly remember driving her home and I was a mess! I was so afraid to put my foot on the gas pedal and was constantly checking my mirrors for traffic. I lived only 15 minutes away from the hospital, but it felt like forever by the time the new arrival got home.

Ayanna Mahal Pearson is now four years old. Beauty, talent, imagination, and intelligence are just a few attributes that make up the amazing person she is. She is my little ray of sunshine who leads me just as much as I lead her. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift and I love her to the core. Thank you to the strongest woman I know – my wife, Cathleen – for bringing such an amazing little girl into our world.
Now, we are anxiously awaiting Part Two of our growing legacy to arrive. April is the month for our little Soul Society baby and we are looking forward to experiencing it all over again…

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